Why use MusicFarm vs. Someone Else?

1) We can write professional charts

  • Easily hire a band to take your show live
  • Faster, better communication with your musicians means savings for you in the studio or on the road
  • Quickly learn and get up to speed on our arrangements of your songs

2) We make original arrangements, we DON'T use loops

  • The key to making a simple song hold the attention of the listener lies in our ability to make real evolving arrangements and not just use loops which tend to make songs seem highly repetitive.
  • We can create a professional sounding song out of just lyrics and melody helping you to fit your ideas to a number of different musical styles based on your needs.

3) High quality virtual instruments

  • We put our quality virtual instrument collection to work for you meaning you can get well played, great sounding instruments on your track without paying the additional cost of hiring many extra musicians.  We only use the best to make your song sound great!

4) Access to a community of talented musicians

    MusicFarm was founded by musicians out of the Bachelor Program at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.  This means we are part of a highly talented community of musicians that play in every style imaginable.  If you want to hire the best session players around, you don't need to search for them - we can find them for you and get them in the studio making your music come to life.